Thursday, 4 October 2012

Freeman facial mask reviews

Freeman Clay mask Avocado and Oatmeal
Let me first say that i discovered this mask through the beauty gurus on Youtube. they had positive reviews on this product. So i thought to myself, i could try it as it costs only about $7.

 Good for people with combination skin type

Application; I apply it on my face 10 minutes taking a shower. I rinse it off in the shower my rubbing my fingers gently on my face. I use this once a week.

Pros; Very smoothing
         Smells really good (sweet and oatmeal)
         Minimizes the appearance of large pores around my cheek area
         Less breakouts
         Shrink the size of active pimples
Cons; The packaging (it gets messy after 5-6 use)

Overall; It is an affordable product, it works and eventually you can see results after 2 weeks of use.

Freeman clay mask - Mint & lemon
Application; I apply this one 3 times a week. Same steps, i apply it 10 minutes before taking a shower. After 5 min of application, i can feel a tingling sensation on my skin and a cooling effect, it feels kind of refreshing after a long day of work.

Pros Perfect for people with oily skin
           Can see the excess oil around your pores on the t zone when applied
          Refreshing cooling sensation
          Smells like lemon
          Reduces the size of pores
          Prevents break outs
         Dry up active pimples

Cons; No cons

These 2 masks are worth trying for what they cost. I love them and i've been using them for 1 month now. My skin is now less prone to breakouts and it's more smooth.


Thursday, 30 August 2012

Curly hair - a day at work

So here is a picture of me @8am before going to work on a Thursday😃

Hair done with my pink GHD

It is so hard to wake up, i hardly wake up on time! 😔

But hopefully tomorrow is HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Everyday eye makeup

This is my everyday routine.... Throw on some lightweight foundation or bb cream or tinted moisturizer, contouring the face with bronzer, give a nice flush to my cheeks with a pink blush. And on to the eye makeup- neutral eyeshadows, mascara, winged eyeliner and i'm good to go

Friday, 24 August 2012

Tongue piercing Experience

i got my tongue pierced on the 18th August 2012 @ Allan Tattoo around 14 pm. I wanted to pierced it since i was like 15 years old and yes i got it finally at 21 years old😁
Btw i have a belly button piercing, a nose piercing and 8 ear piercings. And the tongue piercing is one of the most easiest piercing ive had!

Day 1; i was so excited!!! My boyfriend came with me. Bring someone to support you! Because when i was at rhe piercer and things were getting real i was freaking out lol!
So, at first the piercer will explain everything to you, how he's going to proceed and the aftercare etc. then he took a clamp and examine my tongue before piercing it. I'm not gonna lie, you feel the needle go through your tongue! But really, all the pain comes after. As soon as the piercing was done, he gave me ice to suck. Just after that i went to the mall to eat an ice cream (yes i heard that diary products aren't good, it may cause yeast infection but whatever) the time i reached home, i took lots of cold drinks! On that day it didn't hurt, just a weird feeling cause i was not used to it and couldn't pronounce words correctly. As far as eating, i could't eat nothing, not even noodles!

Aftercare; normally you should take olfen (anti inflammatory pills) 3 times a day and wash your mouth with a mouthwash each time after you eat. Personally i didn't took any olfen, i just used mouthwash after drinking something other than water or eating + wash with saltwater 2 times a day! And of course brush your teeth and tongue with a new toothbrush! Drink lots of water folks and eat soup 😃

Other than that enjoy your piercing! I love it! It's been 1 week for me now